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Customer Acquisition: The Path to Profitability




Tuesday October 09, 2012

6:00PM - 9:00PM


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1600 Main St
Venice CA 90291

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Acquiring customers is the biggest challenge facing startups today. Startups who are building companies for the first time or launching a new product struggle with focusing on the right priorities, measuring their efforts, and converting leads into customers. SEO used to dominate online customer acquisition but now a mix of owned, earned and paid efforts are proving equally effective. Today's customer acquisition strategy requires tighter integration across multiple departments and more direct-to-consumer approaches than ever. Join our panel of experts as they discuss what they've used to acquire and retain customers and grow their business.

In this Strategy Series, we'll discuss:

* Understanding the metrics you need to measure.
* Prioritizing goals: What to think about when deciding where to invest resources.
* Defining ROI: How to approach short-term and long-term ROI on acquisition activities.
* Winners and losers: Examples of campaigns that worked...and ones that didn't.



Loren Bendele, Co-Founder and CEO at - @lcbe
Loren Bendele started the company in January 2007 with the mission of giving consumers the best deals on everything they want. The company was named one of the fastest growing companies in the US, and has helped its customers save more than $600 Million. In June 2012, Loren led through an acquisition by Cox Target Media for $100 Million+. Prior to, Loren held positions as a chemical engineer at Dow Chemical, strategy consultant with The Boston Consulting Group, stand-up comedian, sketch comedy performer with The Groundlings, and director of marketing at Teleflora. He is also a board member of KIPP, Los Angeles, a high performing charter school organization.

Brant Cooper, Author - The Lean Entrepreneur - @brantcooper
Brant help startups get started. In this book, “The Lean Entrepreneur” Brant and co-author Patrick Vlaskovits break down why lean, why now, how to, and provide extraordinary examples of entrepreneurs applying lean principles inside and outside tech. Brant is a happy papa, loyal brother, and appreciative son.

Sean Ellis
, CEO at Qualaroo - @SeanEllis
Sean Ellis was the first marketer at several notable startups, including Dropbox, LogMeIn, Lookout, Xobni and Uproar. At LogMeIn and Uproar he led marketing through the NASDAQ IPO filings. Sean is now founder and CEO of Qualaroo, an online toolset that makes it easy for marketers to launch campaigns on their websites to improve visitor engagement and understanding without help from their dev team. He blogs at

Michael Carney, Reporter at PandoDaily - @mcarney
Michael Carney is a Los Angeles-based technology journalist with PandoDaily. Previously, he spent his early career exploring the world of early stage technology as an investor and entrepreneur and has participated in building companies in multiple countries within North and South America and Asia. Ultimately, he is an enthusiast of all things shiny and electronic and is inspired by those who build businesses and regularly tackle difficult problems.

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Parking Location & Instructions

A lot of parking attached to the building. There is one side of single spots and another side of tandem parking.

There is also a good amount of public street parking as you will see in this link.



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Jeff Clavier

Founder, SoftTechVC

Dealmaker Media brings together some of the most interesting and innovative minds in the Silicon Valley. The network is one of the best in Silicon Valley, and it takes a lot for me not to attend one of their events.

Peter Pham

CEO, BillShrink

Surviving and succeeding in both LA and Silicon Valley has a lot to do with your network and support base. Learning from peers, mentors, and other successful individuals is all part of personal growth and Dealmaker Media is an essential part of that network.

Ravi Simhambhatla

VP and CIO, Virgin America

Dealmaker Media has clearly succeeded in filtering out the noise around technology and innovations, and in highlighting meaningful, relevant and sustainable technologies and technology companies. This is an invaluable and highly recommended partnership for technology executives who are constantly besieged by fiction rather than fact.

Tim Chang

Principal, Norwest Venture Partners

"Dealmaker Media has a been a terrific partner to work with in terms of seeking out the best-of-breed emerging startups - unlike many "flavor of the year" conferences, Dealmaker's Under the Radar conference goes to great lengths to truly source qualified and compelling next-generation founders."

Andy Kleitsch

Startup CEO, Billing Revolution

"Dealmaker Media's events are top notch. The level of exposure and credibility we now enjoy has exceeded our wildest expectations."

Kent Goldman

Principal, First Round Capital

"Dealmaker's community and conversations stand out for their quality and depth. Through it, I've developed relationships with both entrepreneurs and VCs whom I otherwise wouldn't have met."

Sunil Dhaliwal

General Partner, Battery Ventures

Under the Radar always attract the best investors, IT visionaries and elite startups. It continues to be the single best event for networking.

Luke Kanies

CEO, Puppet Labs

"Under the Radar was a great show to highlight Puppet Labs, and especially our strength in the cloud. The meetings I had with industry peers, investors and press as were extremely valuable. I would definitely recommend this show to any early stage startup." Luke,

Andreea Enache-Thüne

VP Games & Digital Distribution, Marvel Entertainment

Unplugged was by far one of the best industry events I have attended in a long time.

Daniel Rosen

Head of AKQA Mobile

“I thoroughly enjoyed Under the Radar, it was brilliant. This really does set the benchmark for mobile technology events. There was a great selection of companies taking part, which of course makes or breaks such an event. Both the caliber of companies and diversity of offering was well chosen.”

Richard Ting


“Under the Radar is an excellent event. I tell everyone that it is probably one of the most valuable and interesting mobile events in the U.S.”

Joe Weinman

Strategy and Emerging Service, AT&T

“Wouldn't it have been nice to know about eBay or Google just as they were getting started? Under the Radar gives you that opportunity, bringing together a thoughtful mix of CIOs, investors, business development and other industry execs, analysts, and media into an entertaining and insightful high-speed short-form blitzkrieg of information and ideas. As these startups finish coming in Under the Radar, it means that they'll either soon be shot down, or accelerate to new heights."

Spencer Hunt

VP, Sony Pictures Television

"I can't say enough good things about how well constructed the Unplugged event was to effectively break up the natural clicks that can easily form. It was great seeing some old colleagues, and even better meeting new ones, who I already have follow-up calls planned, and hopes for some lucrative relationships."

Margita Labhard

Strategy and Business Development, New Business Customer Solutions Group, Best Buy

“The Under the Radar conference is one of the best sources to identify and network with emerging digital companies outside of the direct VC network. I’ve gone to the UTR event two years in a row and this has been time well spent with actionable follow ups. The quality of companies is very high thanks to Deal Maker Media’s scoping efforts. This is definitely a great source for emerging digital business leads.”

Jevon MacDonald

Co-Founder at GoInstant

"Under the Radar was 2 days of intense networking with customers, partners and other startups. No other conference even comes close in quality or quantity of opportunities."

Marko Kovac

CEO and Founder, Salespod

The level of networking on the conference was wonderful, but coaching calls were something extra. We participated in the Seedcamp and StartupWeek workshops, which were both very good, but this was even better. [The Dealmaker Team] did great job helping us shape our message.

John Quinn

VP Engineering, Gilt Groupe

"The under the Radar conference is a great way to quickly come up to speed with the latest activities of the companies floating in the stratosphere of the cloud computing revolution, and connect with their key players."

Paul Payton

Chief Systems Engineer, Visa

"A clever mixture of ‘speed dating’ and ‘American Idol’ meets ‘Shark Tank’, Under the Radar offers a rare, up-close, privileged opportunity to feel the pulse of innovation and ideation in the technology field and pluck product offerings (in their most succulent stage) from a veritable garden of opportunity."

Rand Fitzpatrick

Chief Product Officer, OkCupid Labs SF

"...Was an excellent opportunity to get a close look at emerging technical and business talent - the Dealmaker team did a great job of curating a fascinating set of companies working at the leading edges of their fields..."

Jay H Lee

VP, Business Development, American Express

UTR is by far, one of the more unique conferences I've attended. I've been able to meet a group of qualified, innovative companies in an collaborative and fun setting and squeeze a month's worth of meetings into two days. Great ROI on time spent. Well done.

Tom Peck

SVP & CIO, Levi Strauss & Company

“A great event. A great way for us to see where technology is heading and meet face-to-face with innovators and thought leaders.”